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Boat Or Yacht Automatic Fire Suppression Systems

Boat Or Yacht Automatic Fire Suppression Systems

Boat/Yacht Automatic Fire Suppression Systems 1.Description of Boat/Yacht Fire Suppression Systems. 1]. Product Advantages. *Totally automatically activation, no need any of electricity; *Simplely and easily to instal and maintain; *Appropriate for boats and yachts. 2]. Parameters. Brand Name...

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 Boat/Yacht Automatic Fire Suppression Systems

More and more yachts catch fire too.Some seriously fire, yacht was burned and people was died.And in the sea, it is very difficult to extinguish the fire. No Fire Fighting euqipment, no fighter. Most of the fire is from the engine room.

PRI-SAFETY produced the new design automatic fire suppression system is special for yacht engine room.The fire systems can detection the fire automatically and extinguisher the fire on early. So the engine room really need the autoamtic fie suppression systems.

Advantages of Boat/Yacht Fire Suppression Systems

*◆◆◆ Totally automatically activation, no need any of electricity; 

*◆◆◆ Simplely and easily to instal and maintain;  

*◆◆◆ Appropriate for boats and yachts.


Boat/Yacht Fire Suppression Systems Parameters

◆◆◆Brand Name ---------------------- PRI-SAFETY

◆◆◆Capacity --------------------------- 6L, 9L, 12L, 20L, 25L, 50L,support customize size.

◆◆◆Agent ------------------------------ FM200,Novec 1230,FE-36 or Foam 3% AFFF

◆◆◆Working pressure ---------------- 14bar

◆◆◆Testing pressure ------------------ 27bar

◆◆◆Cylinder Material------------------ St12 red painting Or Stainless Steel

◆◆◆Certificate -------------------------- CE 

◆◆◆System activated temperature --- 140℃ ± 5

If  use for vehicle engine rooms, different agent can be used,such as FM200,Novec 1230,FE-36 or Foam 3% AFFF .What’s more,different systems are with different discharging tubes and nozzles.


Boat/Yacht Fire Suppression Systems Principle to activate

First -------- Detection tube ruptures to a hole when temp reach to 140 degree, and release pressure through the hole.(Or pushing the manual button on the detection tube,then the pressure releasing first from detection tube,before rupturing to a hole.)
Second ----- The resulting drop in pressure causes the head valve to be activated. At the same time the fire alarm is activated.
Third --------Valve open and agent discharge through the discharge tube to the spray nozzles.
Fourth ------ Agent covering the area and suppressing the fire rapidly and thoroughly.
The activation of our automatic fire suppression system is completely automatic and independent of electricity.


Drawings of Boat or Yacht Fire Suppression Systems

1). Single cylinder.

矿山 one 网页.jpg

2). Double or three bottles.

矿山 three 网页.jpg

Yacht/Boat Fire Systems Uses and Application


boat 2.jpg

We are known as one of the most professional manufacturers and suppliers of various safety products in China. If the boat or yacht automatic fire suppression systems meets your requirement, welcome to the quality equipment made in China. Our factory will offer you one stop service and one year warranty.
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