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Direct Type Novec 1230 Automatic Fire Suppression Systems

Novec 1230 Automatic Fire Suppression Systems for Electric Equipment Product Description. Product Features. • Applied to the relatively closed space effectively; • Full automatic heating start, no electricity; • Simple installation and maintenance; • Special for Electric...

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Product Details

Direct Type Novec 1230 Automatic Fire Suppression Systems 

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Automatic Fire Suppression System Features

▶ Automatic — activates automatically

▶ Universal — fits virtually any equipment

▶ Clean — leaves no remains after extinguishing

▶ Harmless — The clean extinguishing agent does not conduct electricity, corrode or cause shock damage. This makes the clean agent solution the right choice for sensitive devices

▶ Independent — does not require power supply

▶ Easy to install

▶ Long durability

▶ Non-toxic — safe for people

Technology Parameters

▶ Systems Brand Name — PRI-SAFETY

▶ Capacity of Fire Systems — 1kg,2kg, 6kg, 9kg,12kg. Support customized capacity.

▶ Fire Systems Agent  — Novec 1230 / FK-5112

▶ Working Pressure of fire systems — 14Bar

▶ Testing Pressure of fire systems — 27Bar

▶ System Cylinder Material  — Stainless Steel or Carbon Steel, depend on your requirement.

▶ Europe Certificate  — CE0036

▶ Package —  Style High quality carton package. One kit for one carton.

▶ Systems Activiation Temperature — ≥140℃ 

The System Operation Core Technology 

This fire suppression system is thoroughly automatically independent of any power supply just by detecting higher temperatures. When the fire temperature reach to a critical threshold,the detection tube melts down at the point where the affecting temperature is the highest. Melting the tube creates a hole releasing the entire extinguishing agent stored in the cylinder onto the source of the fire. The hole on the tube work as a nozzle to spray agent to extinguish the fire.

Novec 1230 System For Cabinet.jpg

Applications for Electric Cabinet/Board


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We are known as one of the most professional manufacturers and suppliers of various safety products in China. If the Direct Type Novec 1230 Automatic Fire Suppression Systems meets your requirement, welcome to the quality equipment made in China. Our factory will offer you one stop service and one year warranty.


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