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PRI-SAFETY Mobile Compressed Air Foam Fire System CAFS

PRI-SAFETY Mobile Compressed Air Foam Fire System CAFS

PRI-SAFETY Mobile Compressed Air Foam Fire System CAFS CAFS Technology Backgroud: CAFS is good useage between fire extinguishers and fire vehicle. When catch small fire, at the begining fire extinguisher is enough to kill small fire. But some place at begining, the fire is big and quickly, fire...

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PRI-SAFETY Mobile Compressed Air Foam Fire System CAFS


1.Why choose CAFS?

    CAFS is a good choice between common fire extinguishers and fire vehicles.

    When there is a small initial fire,common fire extinguisher is enough to put it out. But in some places,such as vehicle fires, petrol station fires, ect,the fire is big and fast at the begining,commom fire extiguishers are not enough to put it out. But CAFS is very useful before the arrival of fire-fighting vehicles. CAFS lasts for 2 to 10 minutes or longer to extinguish the fire. It can eliminate fires or control fires that do not spread. What's more,CAFS operate easily, normal personal can use it, no need professional fighter.

    Some narrow spaces, fire vehicles are very difficult to enter,but CAFS is small and mobile,easy to enter some small places.Besides, some places, no fire hydrant, and no electric power, so CAFS is also the best choice.

    CAFS can be customized according to different requirements.

2.CAFS introduce

    1) 10gallons CAFS parameters

Stored Capacity                10 Gallons
Fire Agent

                    AFFF3% Foam, ColdFire,

                    FireAde200, F-500, etc.

Agent Discharge Distance                14m
Fire Hose Reel                 1/2"x25m  Automatic 
Discharge Time                150s
Weight (without agent)                76kg
Working Pressure                10Bar


2) 30gallons CAFS parameters

Stored Capacity                30 Gallons
Fire Agent

                    AFFF3% Foam, ColdFire,

                    FireAde200, F-500, etc.

Agent Discharge Distance                23m
Fire Hose Reel Nozzle                1"x30m  Automatic
Discharge Time                220s
Weight (without agent)                176kg
Working Pressure                10Bar

3.CAFS Feature 

    The system stored clean agent with high pressure gas bottle,stable for using.

    The tank is Stainless Steel material with red painting.

    The compressed gas drive the agent discharge for a long Distance.

    The system is with Automatic type hose reel.

    Wheels can be disassembled for easy transport.

    It can be fixed on motorbike,pickup,fire truck,etc.

    It can be designed for different application.


4. CAFS Application Range

    Applicable to, but not limited to


    Gas/Oil Station

    Fire Departments


    Petrol Station

    Factory Warehouse

    Business and Home Owners

    Mini Fire Vehicle and Fire Motorcycle

    Community Fire Station

5. CAFS Shipping and Packing

6. About US - PRI-SAFETY

    1) We are a professional manufacturer of Automatic fire suppression system,Fire Extinguishers and some safety products.


    2) Our products are mainly export to Europe, Middle east, America, South America, Africa, etc.

sales area

    3) Most of our products are with approval of CE, EN3, EN671, UL, LPCB, MED, etc.


Our Main Product

1) Special Patent Products.

    Tube Automatic Fire Extinguisher,Automatic Fire Suppression System(including Vehicle Fire Suppression System,Kitchen Fire Suppression System, Electric Equipment Fire Suppression System),Throwing Fire Extinguisher,Compressed Air Foam System (CAFS),Cooking Oil Pan Stick Fire Extinguisher. 


2) General Products.

    Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher,CO2 Fire Extinguisher, Foam Fire Extinguisher, Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher, Water Fire Extinguisher, Fire Hose Reel, Fire Hydrant, Fire Cabinet, Fire Alarm, etc.

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Our Service

    Each Products will be tested and inspected before packing, we make sure each products are in correct situation and good quality. And we supply you the professional shipping service, we have good experience of shipping the hazardous goods, we must work with your shipping agent smoothly and quickly, in the shipment, we can help you save time and save cost too. The warranty of our products is one year.


    Welcome your inquiry.

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