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Automatic Fire Trace Tube Fire Suppression System

Automatic Fire Trace Tube Fire Suppression System

Automatic Tube Fire Suppression System Product Description Automatic tube fire suppression system works independent of any power.The entire system is based on a single polyamid tube with a 18mm diameter and a variable lengths, which contains a compressed agent HFC-227ea or HFC-236fa .The tube...

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Product Details

Automatic Fire Trace Tube Fire Suppression System

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Nowadays, we offen see many cars and motor vehicles bursting into flames on roads. This is not only caused by direct collisions or accidents with strong impact, but often simply by the deteriorating technical state of the cars engines. Our Automatic Fire Trace Tube Fire Suppression System is a unique automatic extinguishing system that guarantees protection from fires before they spread. Typically, when a fire sparks in a motor vehicle, the passengers are either in direct danger (they are stuck in the vehicle) or they are in shock, causing them to panic and act unrationally (they may not be able to operate, or even find a fire extinguisher in time, they may open the motor area causing the fire to spread further, and it all takes too long). Automatic Fire Trace Tube Fire Suppression System is installed inside the motor area and extinguishes fires on its own. It´s a fully automatic system, not dependent on energy, maintenance, or anything else, protecting you 24 hours a day, not only while driving but when parking as well. A big advantage of this system is also its easy and flexible installation.

Simple Description

1) The tube triggering at 120 degrees then releases an extinguishing HFC-227ea or HFC-236fa gas.

2) The agent is safe for humans and friendly for the environment.

3) There is minimal clean up.

4) It is clear, colourless, non-conducting gas, without traces nor waste material after use.

5) It can be installed easily and quick into any kind of small enclosure.

The Tube Fire Suppression System used to protect enclosed engine areas in cars, server rooms and switchboards is also used in power plants, substations, gas industry, banks, private households, industrial complexes and everywhere where there is a risk of fire.

The entire system is based on a single polyamid tube with a 18mm diameter and a variable lengths, which contains a compressed gas-extinguishing compound (FM200 or FE-36). In normal temperatures, thanks to a pressure of 2.5 bars, this relatively small tube contains 400g of the compound. With rising temperature, at 100°C, the pressure grows to 15 bars. The system activates automatically as soon as the temperature reaches 120°C, when the softened polyamid wall cracks in points exposed to the most heat, releasing the extinguishing compound. The compound reliably and effectively extinguishes the fire in its beginning stage.



1) Activate fully automatic. Automatic trigger device without any operator.

2) Cleaner, leaving no residue after extinguishing.

3) No damage to protected space and harmless to people.

4) Wide application range, suitable for any small enclosure.

5) Installation is very convenient and flexible. Installation does not require training.

6) Reliably and effectively extinguish the fire.

7) Do not perform maintenance or periodic inspections throughout the work process.

8) Durable, non-maintenance, this is a very cost-effective solution.




18mm(D)×200cm(L) or support OEM

 Working Temp 


Triggering Temp 

120℃ ±10℃

Extinguish Agent

FM200 or FE-36

P at Temp 20 degrees


P at Temp 80 degrees




1) Electric Equipments:

Battery spaces, computer servers, PC Racks, electrical cabinet,electric board,switchboards, air condition, etc.

2) Veihicles:

On-road vehicles (cars, vans, SUVs, old-timers)

Off-road vehicles (small construction or agricultural vehicles, forklift trucks, golf carts etc.)

Pleasure boats (inboard and outboard engines)


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We are known as one of the most professional manufacturers and suppliers of various safety products in China. If the automatic fire trace tube fire suppression system meets your requirement, welcome to the quality equipment made in China. Our factory will offer you one stop service and one year warranty.
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