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Cut Blaze Tube Fire Detection System For Vehicles Or Electric Equipment

Cut Blaze Tube Fire Detection System For Vehicles Or Electric Equipment

Automatic Tube Fire Suppression System Product Description Automatic tube fire suppression system works independent of any power.The entire system is based on a single polyamid tube with a 18mm diameter and a variable lengths, which contains a compressed agent HFC-227ea or HFC-236fa .The tube...

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Product Details

Cut Blaze Tube Fire Detection System for Vehicles or Electric Equipments

For  Electrical  Enclosure


Today electrical equipments, such as electrical cabinets, fuse boxes, audio-video equipment or racks are all around us.Each of these small spaces poses a threat to the surrounding equipments and the building itself due to increased risk of fire.It is important to note that many fires start just because of a short circuit at the very moment when one is not present in order to intervene immediately.

Tube Fire Detection Systems effectively protect these electrical spaces and stop the fire from spreading outside of the protected enclosure whereby preventing severe damage and losses.

The size of the enclosure is usually the sole limitation of use. Typical application includes but is not limited to:

Electrical cabinets

Fuse boxes


Audio-video equipment

Battery spaces

Network and cable installations

Public performance electrical installations

Air-condition units

Gas junctions

Electrical distribution points

Server rooms

Computers cases


Electrical transformers

Telephone exchanges

All electrical devices


For  Vehicles


Today car fires are a problem in the world, and the number of fires is increasing every year.Most car fires have its source in the engine room.The most dangerous sources of fire in the cabin include arcs, overloaded wires, hot surfaces, mechanical sparks, and power sources.Due to the increased risk of fire and the risk of fire, the engine room of the vehicle is one of the most critical environments.The compact space, thermal environment, varying temperatures, and airflow have a large impact on the fire suppression system, posing a challenge to every fire suppression system.

Tube Fire Detection System allows the crew to take further actions to protect the room by capturing a fixed point of flame or suppressing the fire.Easy to install, without maintenance and affordability, this makes the system the perfect first line of fire for the engine compartment of small vehicles and pleasure boats.

Tube Fire Detection Systems are suitable for the following applications:

On-road vehicles (new energy autos,cars, vans, SUVs,etc.)

Off-road vehicles (harvester,mining,small construction or agricultural vehicles, forklift trucks, golf carts etc.)

Pleasure boats (ychat,inboard and outboard engines)


Product Description

The whole principle of operation is based on single polyamide tube, which is pressurized with a effective fire extinguishing composition called FE-36 or FM200. On normal temperatures the pressure is 2.5 bar (36.25 PSI) and the hose is packed with 380 grams of the extinguishing agent. Once temperatures rise to 80 degrees Celsius and above the pressure increases up to 12.5 bar(181.25PSI). When the activating temperature of 120 degrees Celsius is reached it will soften the polyamide wall of the hose precisely in the place exposed to the highest temperature and the gas is released. It reliably and effectively extinguishes fires without damaging any electrical components, even when they are turned on. The system is fully automatic and requires no operator and starts immediately when there is a fire. It protects you and your property 24 hours a day.


Product Advantage

1) Totally Automatic.

2) Clean agent.

3) Harmless to health .

4) Wide use.

5) Easy installation.

6) Reliably and effectively.

7) No maintenance or periodic inspection.  

8) Cost effective.


Technical parameters

Tube Dimension

18mm(D)×200cm(L) or support OEM

 Working Temperature



120℃ ±10℃


FE-36 or FM200

Pressure at Temp 20℃


Pressure at Temp 80℃


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We are known as one of the most professional manufacturers and suppliers of various safety products in China. If the cut blaze tube fire detection system for vehicles or electric equipment meets your requirement, welcome to the quality equipment made in China. Our factory will offer you one stop service and one year warranty.
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