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PRI-SAFETY Fire Fighter Pack For Kitchen-CPE150

PRI-SAFETY Fire Fighter Pack For Kitchen-CPE150

PRI-SAFETY Fire Fighter Pack for Cooking Oil Fire(CPE) Cooking oil or fat fires can happen for numerous reasons, most commonly as the result of an unattended stove. Trying to extinguish the fire using conventional fire extinguishers or traditional methods can be dangerous. PRI-SAFETY Fire...

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PRI-SAFETY Fire Fighter Pack for Kitchen(CPE)


PRI-SAFETY Fire Fighter Pack for Kitchen (CPE) is a small Cooking Oil Fire Extinguisher, specially designed to quell Class F or K (Dangerous Pan Fires) type of fires. CPE is extremely user friendly, everyone can use it to protect themselves from pan fires. 

PRI-SAFETY CPE allows you to extinguish the fire in one simple step:

Just gently drop PRI-SAFETY Stick into the pan.

PRI-SAFETY CPE-150 test video:



▲ To be used at the onset of a cooking fire.

▲ Carefully place the entire contents (package included) the PRI-SAFETY Fire Fighter Pack into the burning oil/pot. Note* Do not throw directly at the stove or burner.

▲ Once the fire is extinguished, turn off stove and ventilate the area accordingly.


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Working principle of PRI-SAFETY Pack for Cooking Oil Fire:

Special film in the pack melts under intense heat and release the extinguishing agents. Chemical reactions between the burning oil and the special extinguishing agents, turns the oil into incombustible material. The oil temperature reduces and rapid extinction of fire achieved.

Applications of CPE-150:

▲Kitchen                                       ▲Galleys of Aircrafts

▲Food Stalls,                                 ▲Trains and Yachts.


▲Cafes, Trains and Yachts.

Kitchen Safety Essential Thing: Pri-safety Fire Fighter Pack


PRI-SAFETY Fire Fighter Pack for Dangerous Pan Fires CPE-150 Features:

▲ No installation needed.

▲ Pack is enough to put out 1 liter burning oil. Long stick type guarantees safe delivery into the pan

▲ No need to unwrap the packing – just drop the whole product into the pan

▲ Easy clean-up/ non-toxic residue/ the pan can be used again

▲ No risk of spilling the burning oil


Why we need PRI-SAFETY CPE-150?

According to the UK Fire & Rescue Services, nearly 20 people are killed or injured every day in accidental fires that start in the kitchen.

Fires very often occur in kitchens and they are commonly caused by cooking oil. When cooking oil is heated up, the ignition takes place within 10 minutes. The flame can spread to a ceiling and walls within 5 minutes. In just 15 minutes from its initial fire, the size of it reaches a point where no family member can possibly control.

The worst thing is that many people tend to pour water in panic. But the fire would abruptly surge and shoot flaming sparks in all directions. It is almost an explosion.

Warning: DO NOT POUR WATER AT DANGEROUS PAN FIRES! Fire will surge and spread immediately. Use PRI-SAFETY Fire Fighter Pack to control the fire before it spreads!

To avoid the kitchen fire, please prepare our CPE-150 in the kitchen.


We are known as one of the most professional manufacturers and suppliers of various safety products in China. If the PRI-SAFETY Fire Fighter Pack For Kitchen-CPE150 meets your requirement, welcome to the quality equipment made in China. Our factory will offer you one stop service and one year warranty.
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