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Stick Pack Fire Extinguishers For Cooking Oil Pan Fire

Stick Pack Fire Extinguishers For Cooking Oil Pan Fire

Stick Pack Fire Extinguishers for Cooking Oil Pan Fire Introductions and Advantages: --- Easy To Use Easy to Use: 1 Pack of CPE(Stick Pack Fire Extinguishers for Cooking Oil Pan Fire) can extinguish 1 liter of oil that is set on fire. Use the product without the need to take out the inner...

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Product Details

Stick Pack Fire Extinguishers for Cooking Oil Pan Fire 


Stick Type Fire Extinguishers 5.jpg


1Key features :

Ⅰ. Use easily

1 pack can kill 1 liter of oil that is set on fire. Use it without the need to take out the inner content. You just put it on the pan directly and slightly.

Ⅱ. Better efficiency.  

Compare to fire blanket,  its efficiency is better than fire blanket. To fire blanket, you need to cover it the fire place totally, then fire is extinguished through isolate the air within hours, and it is highly likely to burnback. 

To stick type fire extinguisher for cooking oil fires, fire will be extinguished within several seconds, you can check the above test video to prove it.  And it is impossible to burnback. 

Ⅲ. Use easily and safely by Children and Elder people

Children and elderly people can use it safely and effectively.

Ⅳ.Use safely

A stick type pack design allows the user to hold the tip of the stick and put it onto the pan that caught fire at a safe distance.

Ⅴ. Cost-efficient. 

2. ※ Usage  


Once there is a fire, just put this product into the pan/pot slightly, but do not throw it in case that the fire splash out from the pan/out. Fire will extinguished within seconds, turn off the gas and clean the area.

3. Specification  :

※Stick Pack Fire Extinguisher for Cooking Oil Pan Fires※

▲Fire Agent

Wet Chemical

Fire Class Type

Cooking Oil Fire----Class K / F Class

Agent Capacity


Product Code


Stored Temperatue


Shelf life

36 Months

Fire Rate

<=1L Cooking Oil Fires

4. Testing  


5. More photos  

Cooking Oil Pan Fire Extinguishers-600

6.  FAQ  

①You are a manufacturer? 

Sure, it is. 

②This product is safe for children and old people?  

Sure, it is. Evertyone can do use it. It is very easy to use and safe for us. 

③It just apply for cooking oil fires?  

Yes, special for home kitchen at early fire.  Its fire class: K class/F class. 

④What is your MOQ? 


⑤Can you produce them according to our own designed package? 

Yes, Sure. ODM/OEM is ok with us.

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