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New Standards AFFF3% Foam Fire Extinguishers For Chile Market

New Standards AFFF3% Foam Fire Extinguishers For Chile Market

Chile New Standards Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers The new standard for Chile (Decree 44) will come into effect from February 2019. Due to the strict requirements of the new standard, the quality of the product is equal to UL listed fire extinguisher. 1. Chile Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher...

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New Standards AFFF3% Foam Fire Extinguishers for Chile Market

2in1 660 

Chile market will use new standards fire extinguishers which quality and configuration are similar with UL listed fire extingusihers.

We spent half a year researched the new standards. Testing and production have been completed. Welcome your inquiry. 


1. Chile Market New Standards AFFF3% Foam Fire Extinguishers Specification.

Out Dia.(mm)160±1mm182±1mm
Cylinder Length(mm)435±2mm550±2mm
Cylinder thickness(mm)1.24mm1.5mm
Temperature Range0℃~+60℃0℃~+60℃

Working Pressure




Testing Pressure




Burst Pressure



2. Chile Market New Standards AFFF3% Foam Fire Extinguishers Feature

1) Special cylinders with high pressure.

Test pressure : 41.1kg/cm2  

Burst pressure: 82.2kg/cm2

But now the current Chile marke fire extinguisher test pressure is 27kg/cm2 andburst pressure is 54kg/cm2.

2) Special valve with check valve, CE marked.

3) All parts must meet the salty fog test for 240 hours.

4) All water based fire extingusiher must be with anti-filled tube.

3. Chile Market New Standards AFFF3% Foam Fire Extinguishers Picture 

2in1 660



5. Chile Market New Standards AFFF3% Foam Fire Extinguishers Production Workshop


6. About us.


Warmly welcome your inquiry.

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