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PRI-SAFETY PTE-350 “Color Egg” Throw Type Fire Extinguisher

PRI-SAFETY PTE-350 “Color Egg” Throw Type Fire Extinguisher

PTE is a throwing- type fire extinguisher for initial fires. No matter how old or young you may be, a simple “throwing” method can be easily carried out in an emergency of an early-stage fire.

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PRI-SAFETY PTE-350“Color Egg” Throw Type Fire Extinguisher



PRI-SAFETY "Color Egg" Fire Extinguisher is a revolutionary new way to fight fires. When a fire occurs, simply throw the "Color Egg" directly into the fire. Upon impact, the "Color Egg"  shatters, releasing its extinguishing solution into the surrounding area and putting out the fire within seconds. It also can be used to create the escape route in fire. 

No matter how old or young you may be, a simple "throwing" method can be easily carried out in an emergency of an early-stage fire. This is designed for everyone's easy use and is the world simplest fire-extinguishing tool.

We can produce various colors of PRI-SAFETY " Color Egg". It is not only a Handy, Powerful fire extinguisher but also an art decoration.

Technical Parameters:

PRI-SAFETY “Color Egg” Throw Type Fire Extinguisher
Fire TypeClass A, B
Agent Capacity350ml
Product CodePTE-350
Stored Temperatue-20℃~+60℃
Shelf life5 years

The working temperature range of PTE-350 is from-20 up to 60. PTE is specially developed and designed to work in such a weather condition.

Instructions for use:


FAQ about PRI-SAFETY “Color Egg” :

ⅰ). What is the advantage of PTE?
The advantage of PTE is that men and women of all ages, even with disabilities, can easily use this tool. Is eco-friendly & non-Toxic. 

ⅱ). Is it dangerous when a bottle is shattered?
No. The bottle is made of special breakable plastic which does not injure human body.

ⅲ). Can it extinguish all three of A, B and C fires?
No, PTE is designed to quell Class A (Combustibles) and B (Flammable liquids) type initial fires quickly, safely and effectively,  

all the while maintaining its extreme ease of use.

Product Features:

ⅰ). Excellent power: PTE suppresses fire with its chemical reaction and cooling effect within 3-5sec. 

ⅱ). Practical : PTE is suitable for emergency situation of an early-stage fire and because it is easy to use, anybody can use it regardless of age or gender at any positions without shaking  

like the powder ones. PTE is light and compact. No training is required beforehand, that makes it the perfect fireover for everyone.

ⅲ). Economical : PTE requires no recharge and no regular check-up, thereby saving time and money. Most of extinguishers require recharging and regular checking once every 6-12months but PTE will set you free from these hassles. 

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