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Color Egg Throwable Fire Extinguisher

Color Egg Throwable Fire Extinguisher

PRI-SAFETY “ Color Egg ” Throw able Fire Extinguisher PRI-SAFETY “ Color Egg ” throwable fire extinguisher is a special new designed product, throwing directly to work. Easy to use by all people, and quickly extinguish initial fire. It also can be used to create the escape route in fire. This...

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PRI-SAFETY "Color Egg" throwable fire extinguisher is a special new designed product, throwing directly to work. Easy to use by all people, and quickly extinguish initial fire. It also can be used to create the escape route in fire.

This product is suitable for home, school, office, hospital, hotel, shopping center, library, bus, train, car, bar, etc. It is not only a fire extinguishers, it is also can be used as an art decoration because of its rich color.

As normal, we produce in blue, green, red, and orange color. But customized color is also acceptable. Several color fire extinguishers in one group will be packed as a beautiful kit. 



PRI-SAFETY Color Egg Throwable Fire Extinguisher

Fire Type

Class A, B

Agent Capacity

350ml, 600ml

Product Code

CTE-350, CTE-600

Stored Temperatue



5 years

How to use?

There are three different ways to use.

    1) Throw the "Color Egg" to initial fire directly. If one "Color Egg" is not enough, throw more pieces till extinguish the fire. Initial fire was extinguished immediately.

    2) Open the cap of "Color Egg" and pour the agent on the clothes or blankets, then escape from fire scene.

    3) If someone is trapped in the fire, throw the color egg to the ground to creat a escape route. 


"Color Egg" Features

1) "Color Egg" is made of a non-toxic, environmental friendly,harmless and special material. It is disposable and can be easily broken when hit a hard object,such as floor,wall,cabinet,etc.

2) "Color Egg" is safe,light and easy to throw and extinguish the fire by all ages of people,even a child.

3) "Color Egg" is designed to extinguish Class A (Combustible materials,such as wood, paper, fabric, refuse) and Class B (Flammable liquids) fires quickly,safely and effectively.

4) "Color Egg" is with maintenance - free, economical, light weight and has a lifespan of up to 5 years.

5) "Color Egg" has a wide range of applications. Such as home, bars, schools, offices, hospitals, museums, shopping malls, restaurants, airports, factories, public transport,and so on.

6) "Color Egg" is not only can extinguish the fire, it is also can be used as an art decoration because of its rich color.



    Easy to store

    Simple and easy to use

    No pressure,use safety

    Eco-friendly,non-toxic,and harmless

    Kill the fire in seconds

    Maintenance - free

    Cost effective,high effective

    Fresh color,easy too see.

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