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American Model Class K Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher

American Model Class K Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher

Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher is special for kitchen Oil Fire

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Product Details

PRI-SAFETY Produce Class K Class F Fire Extinguishers, Steel or Stainless Steel. 

The fire extinguishers are filled with Wet Chemical Agent, the agent is special for kitchen cooking oil.

Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers

Extinguishers such as Water, Foam, Powder & CO2 will not always put out big cooking fires and are also extremely dangerous because the pressure of these extinguishers can cause the oil to jet out and cause serious harm.

How do Wet Chemical Extinguishers work?

Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers contains a solution of potassium which effectively attacks the flame in two methods:

Firstly the mist cools the fire and lowers the temperature to stop the fire spreading, also prevents splashing of the hot oils/fat.

Secondly the potassium salts react with the hot oil and causes the process of saponification, coating the surface of the cooking oil or fat in soapy foam that is non combustible and acts as a barrier between the fat and oil.

Where are Wet Chemical Extinguishers most suitable for use?

Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers are ideal for Restaurants and Kitchens being for use on fats and oils..

Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers–Suitable/Not Suitable for use on the below classes/types of fires


The spray Nozzle creat fog to cover the burnd cooking oil.


Wet Chemical is suitable for use on Class A B C and K fires.


Manufactured and tested to the following standards:

 BS EN3-8 standard

UL 8 standard 

UL 711 Standard 

ULC-S508  Standard 

ULC-S554 Standard

ISO9001:2015 standard

Key advantages of this product:

Polished stainless steel cylinder complete, Shiny surface.

 Extinguisher Stored pressure design

Safe to use on energized electric appliances

Large loop stainless steel pull pin, easy to operation

Factory filled and pressurized, quanlity well controlled

Colour and bar-coded labels for accurate service

Swivel connection on hose allows nozzle to be oriented for proper use

All stainless steel valve construction

Exclusive, crevice-free, butt-welded cylinder

Specification of Class K fire Extinguisher:


1.6Gallons (6L)

2.5Gallons (10L)

Cylinder Material

Stainless Steel   SS304 1/2H

Stainless Steel   SS304 1/2H

UL/ULC Rating



Cylinder Length



Discharge Time

53 sec

98 sec

Working Pressure



Temperature Range



Cylinder Diameter



Mounting Type




Series Features:


 EPDM rubber hose:

Superior grade EPDM rubber is far more flexible than the normal rubber used in most hosepipes. It is also far less prone to cracks.


 Hydro Test:

Extinguisher shells are 100% factory hydro tested under the vigilance of Engineers.


 Product code:

For easy traceability of Fire Extinguishers.


 Extinguishing Medium:

Pri-safety high quality Wet chemical agent is a specially formulated, aqueous solution of an inorganic salt. The agent is pre-mixed, eliminating the need for dilution before system charging. When used as an extinguishing agent, it will produce no toxic by-products.


The 6 liter and 2.5 gallon fire extinguisher models are simple to use and extremely effective in handling the difficult types of cooking media fire hazard situations found in today’s busy commercial kitchens.


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